Haas School of Business B.S. Business Administration 2001, 3.67 GPA

Focus on Political Economy of Industrial Societies

Designed and taught spring 2001 undergraduate course Mid 20th-Century American High Art




Campus Academy Coach, 2017 Spring semester

* One of 16 national coaches for over 70 college students in a semester-long organizer training program

* Tasked with providing guidance, support, and instruction in best practices to 5 California college students as they learn to properly identify a problem/need/opportunity on campus, define goals, develop strategies, and plan, implement, and evaluate tactics

* Students will be encouraged to focus on best practices in Project Management and communication, including the use of story-telling as a way of connecting with and engaging collaborators, stakeholders, and community members



2008 Field Organizer, Youth Vote, University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), Nevada General Election

* Organized 30 interns and 45 volunteers to register over 3000 voters from the UNR community

* At voter registration deadline, was 150 voters registered shy of counterpart at UNLV, the NV registration leader, with 61% of the UNLV population and half its student body minority share. My team registered 18.75% of the UNR population to vote, versus 10.81% at UNLV

* Led campaign to turn out over 6000 on-campus voters, beating OFA campaign goal by 20%

* Responsible for 2915 volunteer hours scheduled for student volunteers on campus - just over 100 hours shy of leading the state 


2012 GOTV Volunteer, Ohio General Election

* With a team of eight '08 NV organizer colleagues, work resulted in a 73% turnout and 2559 vote margin of victory upset in traditionally GOP stronghold Cuyahoga Falls

* 10 days on the ground: knocked over 1000 doors made over 1500 calls; trained volunteers and modeled best practices for phone banking; supported Field Organizers cutting turf, routing walks

* Created a patronage model to work on behalf of 28 friends and family funders who wanted a more personal connection to the fight for votes on the ground and for 100% of their contribution dollars to go to strengthening the ground game: fundraising page here


2007/2008 Volunteer, Primary Season

* GOTV/C field volunteer in Creston, IA; Abilene, TX; Reno, NV; Portland, OR; Nevada City, CA



2016 OCT/NOV Volunteer, Nevada Together General Election

* 7 days in Las Vegas for last two days of Early Vote and then GOTV with '08 OFA NV alumni

* 9 days in Reno during voter registration and Early Vote

* Recruited, trained 20 volunteers, including three first-time vols, modeled best practices in canvassing/phonebanking

* Organized a group of 19 friends and family to fund my 16 days in NV and expenses for 2 first-time volunteers who joined our team for GOTV as we worked on behalf of those who couldn't travel to a swing state and wanted 100% of their contributions to go to the ground game: fundraising page here



Organizer, co-Founder, Musicians for Measure 26-146 Portland Oregon 8/12 - 11/12

* Assembled, directing working group modeled after 2011 Move Your Money campaign to assist campaign for an arts tax to benefit school programs and arts non-profits serving kids

* Delivered to the campaign public endorsements from 309 musicians, bands, and music-related businesses

* Produced campaign promotional video featuring well-loved Portland music figures


Organizer, co-Founder, Move Your Money Portland 10/11 - 11/11

* Designed scalable, replicable organizing model for direct contact community advocacy - aimed at closing accounts at big banks

* Assembled and directed a four-person working group to obtain pledges from over 150 members of the music community to divest from their big banks and bank locally

* Provided education and assistance to those divesting, connecting them to staff and resources and our independent research related to community banks and credit unions in the Portland Metro area

* Drafted press releases, phone and email script, designed and maintained recruitment tracking database

* As publicist succeeding in getting prime coverage in the Oregonian, the Portland weeklies, OPB's Think Out Loud and succeeded in helping to bring attention to the divestment effort in solidarity with other community activists and organizations




* Joanna Newsom from 2006, including Have One On Me, 2010

* Bill Callahan from 2009, including Apocalypse, 2011

* Four solo records from 2007-2017

See Wikipedia page




Program Evaluation Consultant - Olafur Eliasson exhibition 11/5 - 12/1/07

* Authored IMLS-grant report on visitor experience and usage of in-gallery interpretive offerings

* Collected, analyzed five times data volume requested due to process efficiencies

* Provided ten manageable recommendations to enhance awareness, increase usage, and improve functionality of interpretive resources for future exhibitions


Education Resource Specialist, Koret Visitor Education Center 8/10/05 - 12/1/07

* Increased visitor awareness and utilization of Center programming by improving signage throughout the Museum and working closely with front-line staff to recommend Center programs

* Designed and initiated an informal group discussion education program to engage Center visitors in dialogue about art, highlight works on view, and generate awareness of resources


Interim Intellectual Property Associate 12/4/05 - 7/10/06

* Secured permissions for reproductions of copyrighted works with written and verbal proposals; negotiated fees and terms of use; reviewed and edited contracts

* Managed requests for reproduction of SFMOMA works; arranged imaging, fulfilled asset loans


Program Evaluation Consultant - Discovery Interface, Spotlight Tour Program 7/10 - 11/4/05

* Initiated, designed, and managed evaluation of the Museum's pilot docent tour program and new on-site computer-based interpretive application

* Developed custom evaluation databases, designed instruments for quantitative and qualitative research, trained research assistants, analyzed and interpreted data

* Authored and presented three comprehensive IMLS-grant reports that included resource-appropriate recommendations to improve the interface and docent programming


Interim Manager, Educational Technologies Audience Services 10/1/04 - 7/25/05

* Managed audio tour program including financial forecasting, budgeting, and accounting; development of new initiative proposals; improvement of on-site sales procedure

* Re-negotiated audio tour contract, resulting in a net lease fee reduction of 32%


PR and Marketing Assistant 1/7/02 - 6/23/04

* Drafted press releases and worked with editors and journalists to secure coverage

* Developed direct marketing campaigns for small-budget public programs, exhibitions, events

* Managed - responsible for all aspects of press release process including targeted delivery to editors and journalists, image and materials fulfillment, interview scheduling

* Wrote, edited, designed, distributed monthly marketing e-news email

* Managed, trained over 20 volunteers and interns



For YU Contemporary, Portland Oregon

* Directed strategies to expand donor base, build YU brand, increase membership and attendance

* Drafted, distributed press releases, built relationships with editors and journalists to secure coverage

* Wrote and edited executive communique to donors, government, and community leaders including the 2011 Year in Review Director's Letter, and Directors State of YU speech fall 2011

* Managed public relations for the departure of director Sandra Percival, January 2012



SPEAKING - since 2012 lectures on American painter Philip Guston - - since 2017 lectures on civic participation,

WRITING - including 2015 completed draft of manuscript on drumming and supporting in music

CUSTOM ART FRAMING - since 2011, see

ART DOCENT - 2003/04 SFMOMA Private Tour Guide of the Museum, collections, and special exhibitions